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Greetings surfer!

Welcome to Zenseware! Not much to see here at the moment, but we are hoping to fill this site with all kind of interesting information in the months to come. Zenseware is an independent game developer founded 11.11.11, and our main focus will be developing the GoP universe & games for mobile devices.

Game of Phones

Game of Phones (GoP) is our gameuniverse where most of our games will take place. We have tons of exciting plans for GoP and they will be revealed the comming months as they go from conceptual to visual. Everything in GoP is related to the planet Umotia, where the Humotes live, and their "link" to the different phoneOS the players use. Each phoneOS gets their own race of Humotes to control and the battle between is what Game of Phones is all about. A dedicated website is under planning for all information regarding Game of Phones.

New webpages

We finally got to release our webpages in the earliest version. There will be alot of content updates as we get further into production of our games and projects. We wish you a great day and hope you will come back to check on us later on :)

Zenseware AS